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Dan sets up a new company to run alongside Light Black Design

Earlier in 2012, Dan Primrose and Simon Fry set up new British company called Primrose Fry Technologies Ltd, to work alongside their existing businesses, and allow them both to bring their ideas to market.

In January 2012 at the London Boat Show, Simon and Dan met many of the key people within Yachting business, to reveal to them their Flattens for the very first time.

Whilst we cannot say much more at this time, what we are extremely proud to say is that they were extremely well received, and we look forward to the Official Launch of Flattens later on this year.

Following the increasing interest for the Flattens, Simon and Dan asked Oscar Strugstad to join then as Chairman of PF Technologies which we are happy to say he accepted, and we are all working hard to ensure the maximum success for the business.

In the meantime, if you require any information, please do not hesitate to email Dan or Simon at Dan (at) PF-Technologies dot com or Simon (at) PF-Technologies dot com. Any public updates will appear at

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