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Projects we have been part of in 2023...

Since the last post, back in 2022, the work we have done has mainly been continuing the development of the Fering Pioneer, with Ben Scott Geddes and the growing team at Fering Technologies.

Before the main bulk of work started at Fering, we helped Pete Byford, at RAD Propulsion, finish of their amazing RAD 40 Electric Outboard.

RAD40 from RAD Propulsion

Its always a very proud moment when you see a real product appear in front of you, after staring at it on a screen for almost a year. As I think I said before, I've never seen such an organised team of professionals as they have at RAD and it was a real honour to have been a small part of what was the first mainstream, electric outboard to have been designed and engineered from a blank sheet of paper.

RAD40 from RAD Propulsion

Unsurprisingly, RAD were one of the stars of the METS shows, in Amsterdam RAI, both in 2022 and 2023 and I'm sure they will be surprising everyone again in 2024 with whatever project they are working on right now....

Then, in early 2023, thanks to some amazing publicity after the initial press launches back in 2022, Ben Geddes and his senior advisors at Fering Technologies had evolved the company into the position where they were able to move into an amazing new facility, in the heart of Battersea, London.

This was a huge step and has allowed Fering Technologies to finally reach its potential. Since then Ben has grown his team, both on the shop floor and in the design office, plus some incredible people to work with Ben in his senior management team.

Fering Pionner
Fering Pionner

This giant step has meant that Fering are able to produce all the planned prototype cars, which have been run in a range of conditions and test tracks, as well as move into full production later in 2024. There is of course, still an enormous amount of work to be done and we are very proud to be part of that team.

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