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  • Dan Primrose

The "Taxi of Tomorrow"....

Late in 2010 Dan was contacted by Hexagon Studio, in Turkey, to work with them to specify the manufacturing processes for the Exterior and Interior Panels on their proposal for the New York Cities "Taxi of Tomorrow".

Whilst working closely with Hexagons Engineers we assessed all the feasible materials and processes, and then spent some time shortening the list until we had just the most viable options.

Having written up some detailed specifications of all the panels and their targets, we then contacted some potential Tier 1 suppliers, from a long list of companies we have worked with on previous automotive projects.

As they all came back to us, with all the relevant Part and Tooling costs, we compiled all the information and past it onto Hexagon to help them compile their Best and Final offer for their proposal to NYC.

NYC will make their final decision soon.

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