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Light Black Design Limited was formed in 2009 by Dan Primrose with the principal aim to give the marine industry an insight and access to the latest developments from some of the foremost automotive design offices. We are an independent Design Consultancy with a deep knowledge and understanding of the both marine and automotive sectors which allows us to select and recommend only the most appropriate solutions for both industries.

We are in the unique position of being able to transfer the knowledge that was once beyond the reach of the marine sector and offer unprecedented guidance in using the advances to their maximum potential

Our particular expertise is in the design and engineering of advanced composites products and the application of the latest material technologies.

Our core competency is being able to offer solutions in all areas of the design and manufacture, from concept sketches to 3D CAD, from part design to tool design, from 3D CAD to full FEA optimisation. So whilst Light Black Design is in a position to offer simple technical advice, we are also capable of fully engineering and producing the tools and parts, allowing the end-user to simply receive the finished parts if required.



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